Follow the Guide! 800-standard large orientation poster


Follow the Guide! 800-standard large orientation poster


The large Follow the Guide! posters illustrate the Dewey system’s100 divisions according to class. Using the images, users can quickly find the categories of books they are looking for. This is the version of the numeric documentation classification system that appears on the library’s shelves.

In addition, 6 illustrations have been added for those major sub-divisions most popular among children and teens and that include numerous documents, for example 398.2 Tales and Legends, 592 Invertebrates, 596 Vertebrates, 598 Birds, 599 Mammals and 636 Livestock.

A different colour is assigned to each class, creating a colour code that becomes an important visual cue throughout the signage system.

To facilitate differentiation of the classes, reference documents are pictured in a square, while fiction appears in a circle.

Coloured, plasticized, “17 X 25”.