Small Document Labels by sheet for Novels, Baby Books and Picture Books


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Self-adhesive stickers to be affixed to each document, indicating 3 levels of Novels and Baby books .  The sticker’s colour determines the document’s family, the illustration determines its subject and the shape surrounding the image differentiates works of fiction from non-fiction.

These new stickers measure 1 ½ inches in height and 1 ¼ inches in width to better fit the size of small book,  without hiding the important elements of the book cover.   A considerable advantage, the price: you get double the number of thumbnails per page (42).

Sold by the page in 42-label version, featuring smaller labels for novels and books for babies (1½ inches high by 1¼ wide = 3.8 cm x 3.2 cm). These new smaller labels are bett er suited to small format books, yet don’t conceal important elements on the book’s cover.

Informations complémentaires

Attribute Information
3 Novels & Baby books

Baby Books, Smooth Sailing Novels, Seafaring Novels, High Seas Novels

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