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Vignettes autocollantes de classification de livre

The Dewey Classification Basic Kit, by Biblio Visual


A simplified and illustrated version of the Dewey decimal classification system.  Help children learn the Dewey Decimal System.  Promote the child’s autonomy while or she searches for a book.  Facilitates the identification of documents. Simplify the job for employees and volunteers.  Saves time reclassifying books. Creates a reassuring atmosphere, and increases the flow of traffic in the library.


Biblio Visual is the only visual classification system for children’s books that follows the Dewey Decimal System. It’s simple, illustrated and effective!

The Biblio Visual book classification method is made up of a series of signs, labels and stickers that illustrate clearly every class and division of the Dewey Decimal System, making it possible to organize children’s books visually, on library shelves. It consists of a set of signage tools for book classification, which serves as a helpful guide for children who are trying to locate books.  Biblio Visual will also make the job easier for your library staff.

This economic package was created to meet the needs of modest libraries. We offer solutions that are tailor-made for your library.  From these basic tools, add to your order quantities of document labels and shelf labels for your specific needs.  See the products sold individually.

Large libraries, request a quote at   We offer free personalized service tailored to your specific needs.

The tools can be installed easily, quickly, and at your own pace without messing up the library.

The Biblio Visual’s Basic Kit contains:

  • 1 large laminated descriptive poster of the abbreviated Dewey classification, by Biblio Visual,
  • 11 cardboard Dewey class stack guides, by Biblio Visual (shelf posters)
  • 48 Dewey shelf labels, by Biblio Visual
  • 1155 Dewey document labels (48 subjects) to stick on the books, by Biblo Visual in a practical ring binder
  • an illustrated instruction manual to help you sort the books into each category
  • 5  additional mini-label sheets

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