Dewey classification signaling tools by Follow the Guide – print license


It is a set of signage tools that explains the Dewey classification to teenagers and adults.

Simplifies searching for documents on the shelves. Promotes learning of the Dewey classification and user autonomy.

This new improved version is offered in digital format. It allows you to print all the necessary materials to display in the library.

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Follow the Guide! is a set of signaling tools that illustrates the Dewey Decimal Classification*. It is designed to assist in the classification of books in school and public libraries. This material effectively guides users in their documentary searches on the shelves. These attractive full-color posters and shelf edge labels clearly illustrate the Dewey classes and their 100 divisions.

Follow the Guide – print license is offered in digital format. It allows you to print all the signage tools yourself without limits for your institution. You will receive PDF files on behalf of your institution.

The new Follow the Guide poster presents all Dewey classes + conventional class 800 and 800 by type of book (literary genres)

The material files to be printed contain:

1 large enumerative poster of Dewey classes and divisions, 18 x 24 inches
11 section signage posters, Dewey classes, 8 x 11 inches
115 shelf edge labels, illustrated, titled, and digital, 5 x 3-4 inche

* DEWEY and DEWEY DECIMAL CLASSIFICATION are trademarks owned by OCLC Online Computer Library Center Inc.

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