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All 48 Dewey Shelf Labels, by Biblio Visual


Facilitates the localization of documents.  Promotes children’s autonomy and stimulates their curiosity. Increase traffic flow.  Simplifies the work of employees and volunteers.  Saves time in reclassifying books.


These labels are designed to be placed on the front edge of each shelf. They use words, colours and illustrations to identify the various categories and divisions in Biblio Visual’s classification system.

These shelf edge labels clearly identify all Dewey * classes and divisions by subject illustration, appropriate class color, and each title.  They are essential to facilitate the search for documents on the shelves.  They guide the user in the precise fields of his exploration.

If you use the Dewey thumbnails, by Biblo Visual, to stick on the books, children can reclassify their books themselves.

Self-adhesive holders that protect the labels and make it easy to fasten them to shelves are also available.  Self-adhesive flexible vinyl displays, adjusted to label sizes, are available in packs of 25.

Kit of 48 colour illustrated cardboard shelf labels.  5″ x 7/8″

* DEWEY and DEWEY DECIMAL CLASSIFICATION are registered trademarks owned by OCLC Online Computer Library Center Inc.

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