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Dewey Decimal Classification Tablet Labels, by Follow the Guide! sold as a set


Facilitates the location of documents. Promotes user autonomy, and saves time and energy. Increases the flow of traffic.

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The small shelf-edge signs clearly identify the divisions by illustration, colour, title and the first three numbers of each one’s Dewey* call number.

They are essential to facilitate the search for documents on the shelves.  They guide the user in the precise fields of his exploration.

Choose the system that best suits your needs according to the 800 standard or 800 literature class.

Cardboard, colour-illustrated, 5” x 7/8” set of 105 labels (800 standard) or 106 labels (800 literature).

Self-adhesive flexible vinyl displays, adjusted to label sizes are available in packs of 25.

* DEWEY and the DEWEY DECIMAL CLASSIFICATION are trademarks owned by OCLC Online Computer Library Center Inc.

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Choice of Dewey tablet label sets

800-standard set, 800-literature set