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News Dewey document labels, version Biblio Visual 2.0


These document labels adapt well to all book formats. Thanks to the meaningful illustrations of the Dewey classes and divisions on these stamps, avoid misplacing books on the shelves. Save time refiling documents. They considerably simplify the work of the attendants. Children can also reclassify their books themselves. 54 categories, sheets of 42 sticker-books (1.25 x 1.5)

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The self-adhesive labels to be placed on the documents are used to identify each one with respect to his family (Dewey class*) and to his subject (Dewey division*). As with all Biblio Visual and Biblio Visual 2.0 signage tools, the color of the sticker-books determines its family, the image determines its subject and the shape around the image differentiates between fiction and documentaries.

These document labels should be glued to the bottom of the spine of the book, just above the Dewey call number, so that the document can be clearly identified when it is placed among the others on the shelf. These book stamps can also be used without the Dewey call number on books in a very small library.

These new Dewey sticker-books  measure 1 ½ inches high by 1 ¼ inches wide to better fit the size of smaller books without hiding important cover page elements.

They are compatible with the first Biblio Visual version,
New graphics, Added 6 new divisions, Updated some illustrations and some class and division titles.

They are also available in digital format in the Biblio Visual 2.0 toolset to print them yourself on the blank thumbnails offered on this page of the online store.

* DEWEY and DEWEY DECIMAL CLASSIFICATION are trademarks owned by OCLC Online Computer Library Center Inc.

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Attribute Information
Choice of categories of sticker-books

KNOWLEDGE, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Encyclopaedias, Magazines, HUMAN THOUGHT, REFLECTION, Ethics, RELIGIONS, The Bible, Christianity, Other religions, LIFE IN SOCIETY, Public Administration and Military Science, Education, Classic tales and Legends, Modern Tales, LANGUAGES, SPOKEN, WRITTEN, THE NATURAL SCIENCES, Astronomy, Geoscience, Prehistoric Animals and fossils, Biology and Ecology, Plants, Wild Animals, Insects, Invertebrates, Fish, Batrachians, Reptiles, Birds, Mammals, THE USE OF SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE, Medicine and Health, Engineering and Means of Transportation, Agriculture, Household Pets, Breeding and Farm Animals, Organization of Family Life, Techniques, Production, Manufacturing, ARTS AND RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES, Visual Arts, Music, Games and Entertainment, Sports, LITERATURE, READING FOR PLEASURE, Poetry, Smooth Sailing Novels, Seafaring Novels, High Seas Novels, Picture Books, Educational Stories, Baby Books, Comic Strips, Miscellaneous Literary Works, THE WORLD, Geography, Biography, Genealogy, History, Educational Games, Educational Documents