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Signage posters of the 10 Dewey Classes, by Follow the Guide!, sold individually


These signage signs visually guide users to the sections they are looking for. They help speed up traffic and create a safe atmosphere.

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The 10 posters of the principle classes illustrate their 10 divisions and guide clients toward each area of the library. They hang in front of or above each section in order to clearly identify the class of books found there.  The colors of each signage poster correspond to the Dewey classes explained on the large listing poster. Users quickly locate the section they are looking for.

Colour-illustrated, cardboard, 8” x 10 1/2”.

They are sold individually.

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Attribute Information
Signage posters sold individually

000 Computer science, information & general works, 100 Philosophy & psychology, 200 Religion, 300 Social sciences, 400 Language, 500 Science, 600 Technology, 700 Arts & recreation, 800 Literature, 800 Literature classified according to the following categories, 900 History & geography