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Small Dewey Document Labels to stick on books, by Biblio Visual, sold per sheet of 42 book stickers


These new small document stickers adapt better to the size of small book formats. With meaningful illustrations of Dewey classes and divisions on thumbnails, avoid misplacing books on shelves and save time reclassifying documents. They considerably simplify the work of employees and volunteers . Children can also reclassify their books themselves.

The thumbnails which are no longer available here, you will find them in the same format among the Biblio Visual 2.0 thumbnails.

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Self-adhesive labels to place on documents are used to identify each document with respect to its class and Dewey * division.  As with all signage tools, the sticker’s colour determines the document’s family, the illustration determines its subject and the shape surrounding the image differentiates works of fiction from non-fiction.

These labels should be stuck to the bottom of the backbone of the book, just above the Dewey call number, so that it can be easily identified when the document is stored among the others on the shelf. These document labels can also be used without the Dewey call number on the book in a very small library.

This new model of document labels has taken a smaller format than the original. Only a few categories are printed in this new format at the moment, but all the other categories of books in the Biblio Visual classification will eventually adopt this new format.

These new stickers measure 1 ½ inches in height and 1 ¼ inches in width to better fit the size of small book,  without hiding the important elements of the book cover.   A considerable advantage, the price: you get double the number of document labels per sheet (42).


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Small Dewey Document Labels

Smooth Sailing Novels, Seafaring Novels, High Seas Novels, Baby Books, Picture Books, Wild Animals, Society, Music, Mammals

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