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The Dewey Classification set of signage tools, by Follow the Guide! 800-standard


Facilitates the identification of documents. Promotes learning of the Dewey classification and user autonomy. Save everyone time and energy. Stimulates the curiosity of readers. Increases the flow of traffic. Excellent tools for training students, users and volunteer staff. Improves the quality of life at work.


Follow the guide! is a set of signage tools that illustrate the Dewey Decimal Classification * in school and public libraries. This material effectively guides your users in their documentary research. These attractive color posters and tablet labels clearly illustrate the Dewey Classes and their 100 divisions.

The complete Follow the Guide! (800 standard) system includes:

  • 1 Dewey Classes and Divisions Large Enumerator Poster, by Follow the guides! 800 – standard
  • 10 signage posters of the 10 Dewey classes, by Follow the Guide, for sections of the library
  • 105 Dewey shelf edge labels, by Follow the Guide

You may also decide to add Follow the Guide! (800 literature) shelf labels to meet your needs, for example: picture books, baby books, comic books…

Corresponding mini-labels that may be glued to the books’ spines or on shelf labels are also available to facilitate identification of the literary genre, reading level, the language in which each book is written, and other indicators, such as Reference or Audio-Visual. See corresponding mini-labels.