les vignettes à coller sur l'épine dorsale des livres

The large poster of the Dewey classification for children, by Biblio Visual 2.0


This new poster presents Dewey’s book classification scheme. It promotes the learning of the Dewey classification and the autonomy of children in their journey of research on the rays. It stimulates the curiosity of readers.


This large poster explains the Dewey* classification. It serves as a guide for children and library users. Basically, it lists the classes and divisions of the Dewey Decimal Classification. This sign therefore presents the plan for the classification of documents on the shelves of the library.

Biblio Visual 2.0 offers a refreshed poster with new graphics and the addition of 6 new divisions. Updating some illustrations and some class and division titles also rejuvenates the message of the poster.

Compliant with the Dewey* classification, abbreviated for children, Biblio Visual 2.0 uses a visual language based on images, colors and shapes. In addition, the quality of Philippe Béha’s illustrations gives a certain charm to this visual guide.

The image, simple and easy to decode! 54 significant illustrations identify each of the major classes and each of the Dewey divisions.

The colour. Each Dewey* class has a specific color. All the colors create a code which becomes an important key for the child. In particular, the use of color also makes it possible to quickly identify a misclassified book.

Shapes. All the illustrations of the Biblio Visual 2.0 method inhabit a geometric shape, either a square, a circle or a triangle. This form tells us about the genre of works in each division, whether documentary, fiction or other.

Literary genres and other important clues are listed at the bottom of the poster.

The color illustrated poster measures 17 x 25 inches, on sturdy glossy paper.

Shipped rolled in a triangular cardboard packaging.

* DEWEY and DEWEY DECIMAL CLASSIFICATION are trademarks owned by OCLC Online Computer Library Center Inc.