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The Large Poster of the Abbreviated Dewey Classification, by Biblio Visual


This laminated poster presents the plan of the classification of books. It promotes the learning of the Dewey classification and the autonomy of children.  Facilitates the identification of documents. Stimulates the curiosity of readers.  Excellent tool for training students, and volunteer staff.

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This large poster should be hung at the entrance to the library, to serve as a guide.  The poster includes all the basic information about the colour code, as well as illustrations corresponding to the various categories and divisions of the Dewey Decimal Classification system for children.  It promotes the learning of the Dewey classification and the autonomy of children.

The quality of the illustrations, which we owe to Philippe Béha’s relaxed and amusing style, greatly adds to the charm of Biblio Visual’s materials.

Pictures: simple cartoon-like drawings represent each of the general categories and divisions.
Colour: each general category is assigned a specific colour. The colour code becomes an important key in helping children find their way around the library.
Shape: each picture is placed in a square, circle or triangle. These geometric shapes provide additional information about the books, either non-fiction, fiction or other.

Laminated and colour illustrated. Size: 20″ x 28″

The laminated poster is rolled in cardboard packaging. The unlaminated poster is shipped folded in a large envelope.

* DEWEY and the DEWEY DECIMAL CLASSIFICATION are trademarks owned by OCLC Online Computer Library Center Inc.

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