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Dewey classification signaling tools for children, by Biblio Visual


Promotes the learning of the Dewey classification and the autonomy of children in the library. Facilitates the identification of documents and activates the flow of traffic.


This collection gives you all the tools you need for Dewey signage, which helps guide children in their search for documents on the shelves.   Indispensable for effective signage.  Creates a reassuring atmosphere and happier users.  Great tools for training students and volunteer staff. Fits all libraries. Installs easily and quickly.

Dewey classification signaling tools kit for children includes:

  • 1 large laminated descriptive poster of the abbreviates Dewey classification, by Biblio Visual
  • 11 Dewey class stack guides, by Biblio Visual (shelf posters)
  • 48 Dewey shelf labels, by Biblio Visual

Some displays of flexible vinyl shelf labels are available, see this product offered on this page of the store

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