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Literary and complementary genre mini-labels, sold by the sheet


Used to identify Literary Genres, Audio-visual documents or Reference works, Document Language, and a choice of 3 Reading Levels



These small self-adhesive labels provide additional information about the documents, and are designed to be used in conjunction with document labels or shelf labels. Their use is optional, depending on the particular needs of each institution. There are four basic types of mini-label:

a) Literary Genres
The eleven labels in this series offer a practical solution to the problem of identifying various literary genres.
294 stickers per sheet

b) Additional information
These stickers may be used to identify audio-visual material and reference works.
294 stickers per sheet

c) Language
These labels indicate whether the book is written in English (EN) (AN) or French (FR) and are very useful in multilingual libraries.  They may also be affixed to the shelf labels.
560 stickers per sheet

d) Reading Level
These stickers, which have either one, two or three stars, allow children to identify different reading levels at a glance. The same size as the language stickers, they can also be affixed to the shelf labels.
560 stickers per sheet

Informations complémentaires

Attribute Information
Choice of these additional mini-labels

Literary Genres – Fantasy, Literary Genres – Theatre (Plays), Literary Genres – Science fiction, Literary Genres – Short Stories, Literary Genres – Detective Stories, Literary Genres – Poetry, Literary Genres – Love Stories, Literary Genres – Adventure Stories, Literary Genres – Historical Novel, Literary Genres – Horror Novel, Literary Genres – Humour, Language – FR for French, Language – AN for Anglais, Language – EN for English, Reading Level – *, Reading Level – **, Reading Level – ***, Additional Information – Audio-visual, Additional Information – References

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