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Signaling tools of the Dewey classification, by Biblio Visuel 2.0 – Printing license


It is a set of signaling tools that explains the Dewey classification to children.

This new improved version of Biblio Visual is offered in digital file format. It allows you to print all the necessary material to display in the library.

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It is a set of pictorial signage tools that explains the Dewey Decimal Classification.

Therefore, these attractive posters, shelf labels and book stickers guide children on their journey to find the documents on the shelves. In this way, they promote their autonomy.  Above all, each class and division of the classification is represented by meaningful illustrations and clear titles.

Tools to print

This new modernized version of the Biblio Visual signage is offered in digital format under a printing license.  So, it allows you to print all the signage tools for the children’s library in unlimited quantities for your institution.

Take advantage of its valuable benefits:

  • Access to equipment without order or delay,
  • Much more economical formula,
  • More ecological (less polluting transport),
  • Friendly and autonomous,
  • Choice of print media materials,
  • Compatible with the first printed version,
  • New graphics, addition of 6 new divisions, update of some illustrations and some class and division titles.

Benefits for children and employees:

  •  Promotes autonomy and learning the Dewey classification
  •  Facilitates the identification of documents
  •  Accelerates the flow of traffic
  •  Stimulates readers’ curiosity
  •  Lightens and simplifies the work of customer support and book reclassification agents
  •  Helps avoid misplacing documents
  •  Saving time and energy
  •  Creates a safe atmosphere and happier customers
  •  Great tools for training students and volunteer staff.

The set of digital files to print contains all the signaling tools:

  • 1 large descriptive poster of the abbreviated Dewey classification, by Biblio Visuel (18 x 24 inches)
  • 10 Dewey classes signage posters, by Biblio Visuel (8½ x 11)
  • 54 class and division shelf labels (5 x ¾)
  • 54 pages of 42 document labels to stick on the books (1.25 x 1.5)
  • 13 pages of Literary Genres, Audio-visual and Reference mini-labels.

Material required:

If your printer does not reproduce the size of the large poster, you can order it on this link: https://www.biblioexpert.com/boutique/the-large-poster-of-the-dewey-classification-for-children-by-biblio-visual-2-0/ or at your local printer, or at other printers at good prices on the Internet.

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School board, School, Municipal or public library, Children’s hospital, Early childhood Center, Daycare