Follow the Guide! offers illustrated library signage that corresponds to the Dewey Decimal Classification* system and is intended for all ages: adults, teens and children.

Your library’s success depends on the environment you create. Attract users by making it easy for them to find the documents they need. Encourage their autonomy while you help them learn about the Dewey Decimal Classification* system. As your library users become more autonomous, you will save time and energy, and be free to devote yourself to other interesting projects.

Have you ever watched a bewildered library user search through a shelf jam-packed with books? The part of a book that’s visible on the shelf is its spine – which in itself is not particularly enticing! It’s essential to have some form of highly visible indexing on the shelf edge and above each section.

Liven up those dull walls lined with book spines by adding a good dose of colour! The pictures in Follow the Guide! will enhance your room visually, in addition to providing the perfect companion to the Dewey Decimal Classification* system.

Take advantage of these visual communication tools to train your students, library users and volunteer staff. Installing this material is a breeze. In just a few hours, the sometimes intimidating library maze will be transformed into a place where students can relax and have fun.

Invest in your library’s success and improve your workplace quality of life while offering your library users an enjoyable and relaxing experience.


* DEWEY DECIMAL CLASSIFICATION and DEWEY are trademarks, property of OCLC Online Computer Library Center Inc.